Plain Packaging

Brown Boxes and Anonymous Delivery

We want you shop in confidence on RedTouch. We care about your privacy and this is why our boxes are plain and "Redtouch" is not mentioned in invoices, labels nor transport note. We want you to be super excited about your online shopping and that's it.

What your box will look like?

Nobody will tell what's inside the package or what's the name of the e-store. All orders are sent in boring brown boxes (sex pillows come in a triangular box for product integrity reasons), courier let just include your name and product name. All items are dispatched via sturdy custom-made packaging wrapped with heavy-duty standard tape: nowhere you can read nor Redtouch nor what the item is meant for.

What information is written on the packaging

There are no markings on the parcel. You will just see the courier sticker, which changes depending on the service we use, with minimun compulsory information. You will only read:
- the delivery address and name you leave when placing the orders
- the sender address which is SedieDesign srl - via bacchieghe 12/B - 31044 Montebelluna (Treviso)
- the name of the item you shopped on "Redtouch" is not included. You will read just, Love Pillow, Malizia Pouf, Libera Medium, ecc. Just plain product name with no reference to what it is or how you can use them
Also receipt/invoice have basic compulsory information:
- recipient name and address
- sender address
- product name. No "Redtouch"  nor product desciption is written
- cost of the item and payment method you've used

What is written in the Paypal transaction?

Your credit or debit card statement will show a charge to SedieDesign srl