Sales Condition

The contract prepared by the company on the site and its General Conditions of Sale shall comply with the provisions relating to the sale of consumer goods and distance contracts included in the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree. September 6, 2005 , n. 206), as well as in the Decree. April 9, 2003, n. 70, implementing Directive 2000/31 / EC on certain legal aspects of information society services in the internal market, with particular reference to electronic commerce.

1) General Sales Conditions on the website: on you can find the offer for the sale of sex furniture. The products purchased on are sold by company Sediedesign Srl, regularly registered at the Companies Register of Treviso with VAT 04225170267. Headquarter of Sediedesign Srl is in Italy, Via Bacchieghe, 12/B, Montebelluna (Treviso), address to which the Customer may send any kind of information, complaints, suggestions, as well as for any other contacts.

2) How to conclude purchase on To conclude the purchase of products on you must firstly fill the electronic order form on The form will be sent automatically to Sediedesign Srl. a) Only in this way you can proof the purchasing process online. b) The contract will be considered concluded when the Sediedesign Srl receive, electronically, the completed order form in all its parts. c) The order form will then be filed in the company database and may be consulted by the customer with password assigned when registering customer. d) In the same way it will be possible for the customer, to report to Redtouch,it customer service any error in the contract or in the data entered in the form. Amongst changes you can edit order name. e) company allows the Customer to conclude orders on f) will not consider as concluded the contract and therefore will not give course to purchase orders – when there are not sufficient guarantees of solvency of the buyer if the orders are incomplete or contains incorrect data, or in the event of unavailability of the products ordered. In these cases, will inform the customer that the contract is not concluded and that it won’t be followed up to the purchase order. If the products were no longer available on at the time of sending the order form, Customer Care will notify the customer of the unavailability. In the event that the customer had already proceeded to pay the price of the purchased product on, company refund the amount anticipated in the shortest possible time. The costumer is invited to read and carefully examine all the conditions prepared by Sediedesign Srl and possibly do not hesitate to contact the company if clarifications are needed. Transmitting the order form by the customer to the company means accepting the Sales Conditions and further information contained in as well as unconditional acceptance of the commitment to observe them. If some of them were not accepted, the customer should not submit the purchase order. Once the contract is concluded a confirmation by mail of the purchase order, containing a summary of information, is going to be sent.

3. How to check the features and prices of products sold on Buyer will have to specify in the order form prepared the required template by referring the serial number and model name. It should also specify in the appropriate box the color of the the piece of furniture, if that choice is possible. The images and colors of the products on sale on may not exactly correspond to the real colors because of Internet browser and/or monitor and/or printer used by the customer. For any further information or request contact to The prices published on the website include VAT at 22% and do not include shipping. Home delivery to the E.U customer, will be charged on the invoice of a surplus, to be submitted to VAT, calculated automatically after entering the order form and the delivery address of the goods. Before the conclusion of the contract, the customer is asked to always make sure the final price, which will be inclusive of delivery charges. Any following dispute will not be accepted.

4. How to proceed with the payment of products purchased on For the payment of the product purchase price and related shipment expenses the customer can choose among the following options: a) Credit card b) PayPal. The delivery process is activated within 48 Shipping and delivery of products the company; delivers the goods through its couriers, the ordered products are delivered directly to the address given by the purchaser, by freight chosen in advance by The compilation of order form from the customer involves the automatic assignment by the client to the shipper, to deliver the goods, and consequently, the shipper will deliver in the name and on behalf of the customer. Transport costs are calculated according to weight, volume and destination of the goods. The calculation is done automatically placing the products in the shopping cart online. For the shipment of countries outside U.E. customs fees need to be considered. For more information the customer is always invited to contact Customer Service to the following email address Delivery, except in cases of major force or unforeseeable circumstances, exempting from any responsibility, respect the provisions of art. 54 of the Consumer Code: the contract will be performed by Sediedesign Srl within thirty days following that on which the client has sent the order to Sediedesign Srl. In the case of payment of the goods by bank transfer, the delivery will be made within thirty days from the communication of the final amount credited to the account .

5. Changes and amendments to these Sales Terms. may amend or simply update all or part of these Sales Conditions. We recommend again to the customer to check out before the conclusion of each contract, the conditions of the same, in order to verify the terms and possible changes. The changes will result from new regulations involving the relevant adjustments. The new conditions will be effective from the date of publication in The customer is personally liable for any use of the site and its contents and Sediedesign Srl cannot in fact be held responsible for using the website and its content not in compliance with applicable laws, except for the responsibility of the company for wilful misconduct or gross negligence. In particular, the buyer is solely responsible for communicating incorrect data, false information or personal details about other people, as well as in consideration of improper use of the same.