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Company philosophy in RedTouch.it?

Eros is not only about sex.
Eros is not only about sensual shapes
Eros is not only about sweaty and naked people.

Eros is deeply rooted in our minds and souls. Eros is an eerie feeling, triggered by events, people and situations.
Eros should be spontaneous but sometimes, due to some shyness for instance, it needs a catalyst: spicy food, a romantic atmosphere, sweet music, good wine and also the right setting which includes an appropriate furniture.

With this conviction in mind, RedTouch.it started to think about a convertible and discreet piece of furniture that could be used for sexual purposes when needed and, at the same time, could be placed right after the couch during the standard home routine.

What are we doing?

After some thinking, we came up with the first project of the Malizia ramp, that is the first product of our sex furniture. So, the Red Touch philosophy is all about erotic and sexual awareness, filled with respect and the will to help people achieve the maximum they can get from their intimate life.

One last advice!

Enjoy life, have good sex!

The Red Touch staff